I made a few orders on Ali Express, just to gauge quality. Here are my results.

Metal Polyhedral Dice: Fantastic. Just as good of quality as sellers trying to charge 50 bucks a set here in the US. In some cases, those 50 dollar sets are the SAME ONES sold on Ali Express.

Magic the Gathering Proxy Cards: Hit and Miss. I bought 160 "Proxy" (counterfeit) Magic the Gathering cards. Some are passable as real cards, but many were obviously fakes with incorrect coloring or contrast.

New Nintendo 3DS Cover Plates: Big win on this one. They look identical to the OEM Nintendo plates. I picked up a black and gold Legend of Zelda plate set, and they look great. 5 bucks on Ali Express vs. an insane 40 dollars for them here in the states.

Mega Man 1 through 6 NES cart: Mostly a hit. The game works on a standard NES model 2, but there is the random audio hiccup from time to time. It's only noticeable if you played the original games quite a lot.

And that's pretty well it. Not bad for the most part, other than those Magic cards which had some good ones but a LOT of bad ones as well. I'm getting into the season where I dump cash into my PC upgrades, house remodel parts, and also want to pick up a GPD Win handheld, so I likely won't be making many orders on Ali Express for the year unless I see a sweet new 3DS plate cover I want.