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Thread: indieGO! All-in-One Retro Game Console

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    Default indieGO! All-in-One Retro Game Console

    A new emulation system in Kickstarter.

    It seems nice, but for the most powerfull versions it is rather expensive.

    Maybe I am missing the point, but I can`t help of thinking: - why not buy a Intel NUC and do it by yourself. I know you will have to install the software by yourself, but this is part of the fun...
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    There is a large number of people out there that would rather have at least a basic system set up for them out of the box. That is the market these types of releases are going for. Think of the grandparents that have no clue what they are buying the grandkids. That type of thing. Same market that purchases those Flashback consoles- it is just easier than tracking down the games and the hardware.
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