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Thread: Nintendo Fusion vs Sega Saturn

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    Default Nintendo Fusion vs Sega Saturn

    All these rumors about Nintendo dropping the WiiU and working on Fusion is reminding me very much of Sega's missteps with the 32X, CD, the Saturn, and the Dreamcast.

    But then again, Nintendo is not Sega. Can Nintendo "do" what Sega "didn't" (to reverse the old ad campaign)?

    I'm not big on the details of the last days of Sega's console manufacturing. It seems to me they threw too many add-ons and new consoles into the market too rapidly and they lost consumer confidence.

    So it would seem to me that Nintendo are following in Sega's footsteps if they drop WiiU (and apparently 3DS) and make this new Fusion thing.

    Granted Nintendo have giant piles of gold to keep them afloat for a long time, something Sega didn't have (I think?) back in the 90's. So this is not an easy comparison to make.

    Is anyone here an expert of that period of console history? Can someone tell me how Nintendo Fusion is different from Sega Saturn?

    I'm not flaming any fanboy wars here, I'm seeking historical knowledge from those who lived it.
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    Someone else will have to give the historical perspective, but integrating the handheld and console does seem like the next logical step. The Wii U gamepad tablet often feels like a handheld device anyway. And that would allow the Virtual Console to be synchronized between the two devices.

    The Wii U may not be dead yet if they decide to release an original (good) Zelda game for it. But they may choose to hold off and wait for the next console, like how they never released a Metroid game on the N64. I will give Nintendo credit (so far) for taking their time on the next Zelda game instead of rushing it to market.
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    First off, you have to realize that all of these rumors of a Wii U successor are almost certainly not grounded in any type reality. Nintendo is in no position to release another new system considering they're having trouble developing enough games for their present platforms, and they're certainly not going to further jeopardize their financial resources by investing in a new platform. It's just not going to happen. With that said, it's completely logical that Nintendo's next platform would be both a successor to the 3DS and a new console in one. You'd buy the handheld, and then optionally buy the console dock.

    With all that said, Nintendo still has to ride out the 3DS and do what they can to stabilize the Wii U, even if it means a distant third place finish and finanically breaking even. They're in no position to give up on it, which will further damage their already damaged brand.

    I think Nintendo needs to address two primary problems. First, they need to produce more first party games. They can do this by ramping up the size of their development teams or simply purchasing like-minded developers. Second, they need to get back to innovating IPs and games. They need to mix new IPs and new gameplay styles with their usual rehashes and HD updates, which have grown tiresome to this point. Nintendo's expertise has always been in software, and they need to prioritize that.


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