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Thread: Atari turns 40 Fondest Memories?

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    I cant remember the first time i picked up a 2600 controller since i was born in 77. But i do remember being about 7 years old and playing combat and pac man at my cousins grandmothers house. After that i remember lots of Spiderman, Frogger, Grang Prix HERO, Enduro and more Pac Man. Since the 2600 was one of those things that had always been around when i was a kid i took it for granted and i dont think it had the same impact the NES had on me when it came out. As for arcade atari stuff. I vaguely remember Star Wars, Battlezone and Tempest at Chucky Cheese's as a kid. Those games were so intimidating and out of my league. But i loved Hard Driving and would play it every time i went into the arcade to play SF2 in the 90s. I have lots of memories locked away that i think all it will take i hearing or seeing a certain cab to bring it all back. I need to get to a CGE. There are things im forgetting.

    I always considered the 2600 before my time even though i started on it and played it for years.

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    Reading the excellent Disk Maggie on the Atari ST. Plus, Atari ST chip music!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gordon Bennett View Post
    Reading the excellent Disk Maggie on the Atari ST. Plus, Atari ST chip music!
    Cool! That reminds me, I forgot to mention in my list... downloading and watching all the awesome demos on my STE and later, my Falcon. And buying and reading cover to cover all the great European Atari ST magazines, like ST Format, ST User, ST Action (not to mention the cover disks full of game demos and other free software). I had to pay a lot more for them since I was in California, and there were only a handful of Atari computer stores near me that carried them, but I bought as many as I could.

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