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Thread: Great interview with Rusty Dawe

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    Default Great interview with Rusty Dawe

    So I've been doing some more snooping around about Thunder Jaws. I contacted one my old co workers who used to work at Domark in the UK. Domark did the Amiga C64 ports. He's been feeding me some great information. One little piece is a great chat interview with Rusty Dawe, who was a programmer that worked on Thunder Jaws (as well as other, better games like Paper boy). You can read it over onCoin-Op Space

    It's a great read if any of you are interested for stores. A good example is Rusty's response to the question "Do you have any crazy late night Atari stories similar to Eugene Jarvis’s wild parties and game creation sessions?"

    Hehehe. Well, have you heard the Firefox team’s version of what went down before the show yet?
    They had a very cool proto cabinet that looked like the Firefox fighter cabinet, but they were having serious issues getting the laserdisc to behave. So they sent the cabinet on to San Antonio with the hardware while the team stayed behind to finish programming. However, even with a multi-day 24 hours non-stop effort, they still didn’t have it done, so Warner sent their private jet to wait for them in San Jose to bring the ROMs.

    But, they still didn’t get it (even after calling in some of the rest of us from other projects to help — which IMHO only made things worse )… Planes can’t take off from San Jose after 11, so they moved the jet to Oakland.
    The team still wasn’t done at 4am and the show opened at 10am, so they stole the EPROM programmer and PAL programmers from the chip lab, took all their computers, hardware, etc. and got on the plane. On the way, they called ahead for pizza to Albuquerque where the plane landed and picked it up for them and met ‘em on the runway. Calling ahead for pizza from the plane is a classic.

    Got to the show before it opened, but still couldn’t get it to work right. They went one day, then two, then the whole show with this incredible cabinet that people got to sit in BUT NO GAME. It was a huge success. The rest of us decided we didn’t need to do games anymore!

    Let’s see, then there was the Pole Position rehab for me. I was playing that one in the lab after hours A LOT! Had it very wired, held record on every track in the labs. So, with Pole Position, after playing for about 3 hours one night, I drove home. At that time I was driving a Porsche 924S… I only lived about 3 miles away, BUT here I am on Montague Expressway and there is an “S” curve with two cars sitting on it.
    It was identical to the PP setup on one of its curves – speed limit of 50 with 3 lanes.
    Shot between the two cars and was going 140 when I came out the other side. Zipped through the signal (green, thank god) and realized what I’d done. Needless to say, no more Pole Position for me for awhile, had to do some rehab! Also fortunately, no cops in the area. Kept telling myself after that “This is NOT Pole Position!”

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    Looks like a nice one to copy / paste to the kindle
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