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Thread: Too many games expo - this weekend! New 2600 & Dig Dug for NES Games for Sale!

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    Default Too many games expo - this weekend! New 2600 & Dig Dug for NES Games for Sale!

    Too many games announced on Friday, April 29th, new Atari 2600 games:

    NESK-1 and Dig Dug aren't the only games getting retail debuts at TooManyGames. We're proud to be the launching point for two games for most everyone's favorite classic console, the Atari 2600.

    Activishawn will be debuting his new creation, Ature at TMG. Ature has been created in the spirit of The Legend of Zelda for the NES. This action adventure game will have you questing through dozens of screens. This new release will be individually numbered, 1-15, and we'll be raffling off cart number 1 at the show!

    Good Deal Games' Homebrew Heaven will be releasing Miss It! Good Deal Games will be at TooManyGames on Saturday to sell this new homebrew. More info on Miss It! coming soon!

    The original arcade version of Dig Dug never came out in America, can you believe it? Japanese Famicom fans were able to enjoy this exquisite home version, but NES owners were left out in the cold, until now!

    A limited homemade production run of the original Dig Dug will be made available at TooManyGames! Only 15 copies of this arcade classic will be available for sale. They are as complete a NES game as you would have purchased brand new at Toys R Us in the '80s. A box, instructions, dust sleeve, and all-important styrofoam block are included with each game!

    In addition to the angry Video Game Nerd making his appearance, you can find more information about the upcoming expo here

    I'm excited, this is my first vg convo and after listening to RGR, I'm more into the community than I was in the past years!

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    Be sure to review too many games after you return on

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    Any of the Game Gavel guys going to be at Too Many Games? I am close to that one.
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