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    I started playing this PC game called Amnesia: The Dark Descent and OMG, it's incredible.

    When I watched the quicklook of it and heard that one of the Giantbomb crew members couldn't continue playing it because he was scared, I laughed at that and dismissed it.

    Dudes, seriously, this game is truly scary. I don't remember a PC game ever making my heartbeat rate go on like that. Sound is an important part of it and it's top notch. That's actually the scariest part, what you can hear but can't see.

    This is a survival horror game made by Frictional Games, who previously developed the Penumbra series. So far there are no attacks that I have seen, it's mostly interactions with the environment. The coolest part is that you actually should *not watch* the weird things happening or you lose your sanity (health in this game).

    Minor spoiler, but this is what this game is about. Last night, as I was turning around looking for stuff in what seemed like an old mansion; I saw a glimpse of something running away from me. At the same time, I heard a particular sound. It almost made me crap my pants! I immediately ran toward that thing as I could feel my heart pounding for real! Man, that was so good.

    If you are looking for something to play on your PC and wanna be genuinely scared give this game a try. It's fantastic.

    Here's a trailer:

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    I'm not joking. This game is seriously messing with me. Every time I encounter a monster and I have to hide from it my heart starts pounding, for real.

    Maybe it's the fact that I cannot attack them and instead I must run away or crouch behind an object praying it doesn't find me. I feel my nervous system getting all fucked up.

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    LOL... today I was in some sort of Prison. I listened to the familiar sound that means a monster is around and he has seen you. I immediately ran to one of the cells and locked myself in. I turn around and the fucking monster is inside as well!

    Dead 2 seconds later.

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    .... and you "bought" this game?
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