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Thread: 3 Pinball machines in Manchester, UK

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    Default 3 Pinball machines in Manchester, UK


    Most people in and around Manchester who care will probably know that the TV21 bar has a pinball machine in the bar. It's currently Pirates of the Caribbean and in very good working order.

    FAB Cafe has one in the bar too, this was Lethal Weapon last time I was in but it wasn't in great shape.

    The one that prompted me to post this though was one I discovered this weekend I was playing the golf simulators at the "Golftorium" at the back of Piccadilly train station (Ducie Street). I was on a stag do (Bachelor Party for non UK folks) and as golf is really not my thing, I saw a Monster Bash pinball machine and excitedly went over to it.

    The footy was on so it was switched off but it looked mint cosmetically. I'll go back next time I am in town and report on how it plays.
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    Thanks for the info, not sure I would check the first 2 out but it may be worth a trip to play Monster Bash.
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    Hi - Anyone got to play this yet?
    I played one in Melbourne (Crowne Casino) and it's a cool game....even though some say George Gomez ripped off MM LOL. Great soundtrack/music.
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