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  1. Retro Review: Alex Kidd in Miracle World

    If you look at the back of your vintage Alex Kidd in Miracle World cartridge, you will find this line at the end of the summary: "It takes a Kidd like you to handle a challenge like this." It's hokey yet oddly resonant, calling to the kid - or inner kid - in all of us. It also sums the game up in a nutshell. Alex Kidd is a surprisingly challenging game wherein you must submit to your inner child to see it through.

    A general point about retro games: they are, in my opinion, more ...

    Updated 19-11-10 at 01:24 by Angelica

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  2. On this, the 16th day of the 11th month...

    I hate doing subject lines almost as much as I hate doing summaries.

    Hi! I'm Angelica, and I guess I'll be writing about games and stuff for you guys. Hopefully you'll find me entertaining and occasionally informative. A little about me:

    I'm a freelance writer/gal Friday in the Los Angeles area. I enjoy classic video games, really involved RPGs, and anything I can easily play on my DS, mostly puzzle games in nature. I love intelligent discussion and well placed sarcastic ...

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