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  1. 3-D Gaming: Really the way of the future?

    In the late seventies and early eighties, the world of cinema entered a world of three dimensions. Thankfully, that window was closed quickly, and the fad ended. Fast forward to 2009. Avatar comes out with a huge amount of buzz (and mediocre script) and the 3-D craze sweeps the nation. Every major motion picture (and even some minor) are now given the option to put on the glasses and get shit shoved in your face.

    This E3 has shown us that 3D is obviously an up and coming trend that ...
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  2. RetroGamingRoundup June 2010 Podcast - GET IT NOW!

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    Breaking News - (0:00)
    The Video Game Crash Part 2 - (2:25)
    Hardware Flashback - (17:40)
    Guinness Gaming Records - (62:59)
    Tron Radio Show - (64:32)
    Mike'd Up - (93:28)
    The British Hour - (108:55)
    Top Ten ColecoVision Games - see our results - (132:41)
    Pinball Fever Part 5 - (224:11)
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  3. Sometimes, less is more (but not always)

    Ever since games progressed past the level of Pong, almost every game has some sort of a storyline. At the time of the NES, some stories were only briefly mentioned on the box or in the manual, requiring the player to use their imagination to piece together the story. Around the time of the SNES, stories were told through dialog, scripted scenes, etc. Since then, that's roughly been the way things have worked. Nowadays, cinematic cutscenes are added to the way that players experience the stories ...

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  4. Game Gavel Responds: David Jaffe sick of "artsy fartsy" games

    So the story goes like this: David Jaffe, creator of God of War, Twisted Metal, and all around awesome guy, got a Tweet from a fan who said he prefers gameplay over narrative. Fair enough assessment, no? In fact I'm inclined to agree with him. With a few exceptions I will always take gameplay over plot. In fact most of the time if the developer hasn't put in the effort to develop the games basic mechanics like, ya know, fucking working than you're ...
  5. Can't We All Just Get Along?

    This is a rant, so I'm sorry ahead of time but this is a topic that has been on my mind for literally years. It has to do with a specific game of a certain genre and the seemingly endless dispute of it's legitimacy among the generations of disgruntled gamers and patrons of it's parodied art. It's an argument with sides that are so separated by personal pride that neither side is willing to accept the the others position and therefore continuing a rivalry whose only purpose is to destroy the others ...
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