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  1. Dawn of War 2 Gold Review

    If there is one thing that I am grateful for, it is the extraordinary commercial success that the Warhammer franchise has cultivated in the last decade. Without fail, every Warhammer game that succeeds a previous title incorporates so many lessons learned, and so many great evolved ideas, that it's honestly surprising that the franchise itself isn't more well known. Case in point is the ...
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  2. THQ Week on Steam - 75% Off Red Faction Right Now

    Image Courtesy of THQ

    Again with the sales Valve! I just got my PS3, why are you trying to kill my wallet?

    Steam is having another one of those week long publisher/developer based sales weeks, and it just happens to be THQ. Each day is a different sale, and Monday belongs to Red Faction. All games in the franchise are 75% off, with Red Faction: Guerrilla being 5 bucks. Pretty tempting if you ask me.

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