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  1. Strategy Week over at GamersGate

    Feels good to be a PC Gamer. Good and Cheap.

    Not only is Steam having sales, but our own sponsors, GamersGate, are making some deals as well. The deals are mostly based on strategy based games, so those who like RTSs and RPGs will be really happy.

    You can pick up games like Men Of War for 75% off, making it effectively $3.73. You can also pick up Heroes Of Might and Magic V, both the Gold and Silver versions, for ...
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  2. Fort Zombie Review

    How does something like Fort Zombie pass inspection? How does someone playtest something like this and say to themselves “yes, this game has reached the appropriate level of polish necessary for me to say that this game is fit for public consumption”? I want to know how it's possible, and who made it possible for a game like Fort Zombie to get made. But beyond that I want ...

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