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  1. Fallout New Vegas

    I'm going to level with you right now, this isn't a review, hence the lack of “Review” in the title. This is simply me writing about Fallout New Vegas. If you want a standard cookie cutter “Review” you should be prepared for disappointment. When I sat down to finally write about Fallout New Vegas, I was faced with the reality that I was doing so long after most people have let loose ...

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  2. Halo Reach Review

    Halo Reach, Bungie’s 4th Halo game. Man, Time Flies huh? I’ve watched you from afar for a long while Halo. You never sold me on a system. I remember when you came onto the scene, me and my Gamecube stayed ignorant. When I played Halo 2 for the first time I was just sorta meh about it. Played 4 Player Co-Op through Halo 3’s entire campaign in 1 night. Dabbled in the multiplayer when at parties. ...

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  3. Borderlands- The DLC Reviews- Mad Moxxi's Underdome

    Its no surprise that I love this game. It blends elements of a whole group of game features that I like. Its got rpg stats, leveling, random weapon and items drops, and a bucketload of saucy humor. From The word go, it gives you an abundance of choice to work with and a free roaming world to explore. I give the guys over at Gearbox a hell of a lot of credit as a title of this size and scale, requires ...

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  4. Retro Reviews - F.E.A.R

    F.E.A.R Pack Retro-review

    It is no secret I like to shoot things. Guns and bombs are a welcome addition to any game in my opinion. F.E.A.R is a game where you will shoot, and shoot, and shoot. In fact, if that’s all you want in a game, this is your baby. Sadly, for me, it came off as a one trick pony. The intense combat scenes can be boiled down to ...

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  5. Half-Life 2: A Necessary Pass or Necessary Play?

    Back in 2004:

    Friend 1: Jace have you heard? Half-Life 2 came out for the pc. It’s being hailed as one of the best shooters to come out of 2004. Hell it even got a rating of 11 out of 10 in Maximum PC! You should buy it and play it Jace.
    Jace: Sure. Does it have high system requirements?
    Friend 1: Nah don’t worry it isn’t so bad.

    (Three hours and 50 dollars ...
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