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  1. Fallout 3

    A little rant, praise, and random stuff about Fallout 3

    I just recently got back into playing Fallout 3 for the PlayStation 3. I ran through it in 2008 when it came out and have been replaying it trying to find more locations and side missions. I do a lot of sports gaming on my new generation consoles but don't really play much else. But ever since Fallout 3 came out I have been hooked. This is slowly becoming my favorite game ever. The massive explorations, the post apocalyptic scenery, ...
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  2. Charging for Downloadable Content is a Scam

    Itís already here and people are buying into it: Downloadable content, the way to milk gamers of their hard earned cash.

    Imagine someone going into a game store, buying a game thatís all shrink wrapped and their excited to play it. They get home, chainsaw the wrap off (including the annoying extra layer on the tops and sides) and pop in the game to their console. It boots up and they begin playing the game. Suddenly, a few hours in they reach an area and a message comes across the ...
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  3. My opinion of the NES on a chip Atari plug and play games.

    I wanna know what people think of the ones that use the NES on a chip with ports of the games on them instead of doing what the Flashback 2 does and literally re-making the entire system.

    I just started playing my Atari Flashback again the other day after doing some hefty research on it, because this NES on a chip stuff kind of fascinates me in the sense that, yeah, they're remakes (I wouldn't even consider them ports really, especially Millipede on the Flashback. It may look and ...
  4. Final Fantasy XIII: Itís great butÖ

    Itís finally here, Square-Enixís latest installment of Final Fantasy! With an all new crew, an excellent voice cast, a compelling combat system and story, it was well worth the three year wait but there few features that just didnít pique my interest. Hereís the lowdown!

    The Story: FFXIII takes places in a divided world; Cocoon and Pulse. Cocoon is run by Sanctum, a government that cooperates with the benevolent falíCie (a group of god-like machines created by the ďMaker). However, ...
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  5. Golden Tee Golf : Home Edition from Radica Games

    This thing has gotten a LOT of flack. I donít think Iíve ever actually read anything good about it, but itís mostly from people who are familiar with the arcade game. And itís totally understandable, because though Iíve only actually played the arcade arcade version of it a couple of times Ö I know how fanatical people are about this. The arcade game is a GORGEOUS game that obviously plays extremely well with itís unique and damned innovative trackball control scheme. Itís definitely a hard core ...
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