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Splatterhouse makes Steve angry!

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I got some hands on time with one of my old school favorites of all time. Splatterhouse.

The problems began as soon as my fingers touched the controller. It's no secret that Splatterhouse has been a game of troubled development. With over three years in the can, and an equal number of developers the game has definitely seen it's share of ups, and downs. But you would think that 3 years in the pipe would give NAMCO enough breathing room to make this baby a polished up diamond.

Well it sure as hell didn't play like a diamond. It played more like a 13 year old overweight asthmatic kid who was just forced to run the mile in his clothes, because he forgot his P.E. uniform.

The controls were sluggy, and unresponsive, and the frame rate struggled to even maintain a solid 30 frames a second. Couple that, with some odd collision lag (I don't know if this was intentional or a glitch of the engine, because it happens every time you connect a melee blow with an enemy.) and you have a game, that seemed like a good idea, hell, it seemed like a great idea to reboot, but you have an end product that leaves a lot to be desired. I would say there is some hope for further work on the game before it hits the street. But for Christ's sake, if 3 years isn't going to do it, then what will?


Steve Sawyer
Editor in Chief

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  1. GameGavel's Avatar
    It looked great, but I admit I never played it. If what you are saying is true it will be very disappointing. Say it isn't so
  2. SteveSawyer's Avatar
    I should have mentioned that the gore, and the fatalities still look ace, but the overall feel of the game makes it so hard to appreciate the violence, that it made my heart sad. When you can't appreciate violence in a videogame it is a very dark day.
  3. BydoEmpire73's Avatar
    Can't say I'm shocked.
  4. Dhalamar's Avatar
    I'm still holding out hope for it since it isn't finished yet. But I tend to wait for reviews to hit of the final retail version of a game anyway.

    The impressions of the beta for Modnation Racers with it's constant frame rate issues and occasional outright crashing kinda weirded me out. And the reviews I read before I bought the game ... the load times and the single player almost turned me off of it. Still glad I got it though. :P
  5. SteveSawyer's Avatar
    @Dhalamar I really want to hope, and pray that this is simply a case of bad representation, but like I said, three years is a long time to try and make a good first impression. Especially when there were other titles with shorter dev cycles, and stronger showings. Hell. Pacman was more impressive than this.

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