Can't speak highly enough of this show. Informative, Nostalgic and hugely entertaining.

Seriously, you won't regret subscribing to this show. It deserves every one of it's five stars.

Excellent retro gaming content and funny as hell.

Wow! What a lot of content! Great start guys. Plenty to enjoy here.

Awesome job, you guys are hilarious, but also provide a lot of great information.

Occasionally interesting, but LONG. Really long.

Scott Whitmore:
Your retrogamingroundup podcast is excellent! Once a month, 5 to 6 hours long is incredible!!!

Garrick G:
Scott, Mike and Mike have lots of great chemistry and cover lots of great topics.

Vag Slice:
For anyone who grew up in the 70's or 80's or has interest in classic gaming topics, this is an excellent show!

Dave Bernazzani:
For someone that grew up in the 80's and still loves the classic games from that era, this podcast is a godsend. Well worth the listen.

Fantastic! This is the best Retrogaming podcast out there.

What I love about Retro Gaming Roundup is that the three hosts actually know what they're talking about.

These guys really know their stuff. Retro Gaming Roundup is easily one of my favorite podcasts.

Their passion for the classics makes this a good listen.

One 4 the older guys. This is a great podcast.

Absolutely my favorite PodCast! Finally, a podcast that I can relate to - with actual real adults behind the mic!

Scott, Mike and Mike have lots of great chemistry and cover lots of great topics.

This is really one of the best if not the best retro gaming podcasts.

Great podcast guys! I love it! Keep it coming!

Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. I never knew that anyone felt as deeply as I did about retro gaming. But here they are.

This is most definitely my favourite Podcast.

This podcast is informative, engrossing, funny as hell and it puts me in the mood for retro gaming in a big way.

Waiting for each podcast to appear in iTunes each month is like back in the day when you rushed out to buy your favourite video games magazine. I'm totally hooked on it now.

Nondo X:
Informative, fun, witty and very interesting and that's just UK Mike!

Excellent show. Been listening for a year now, started with episode one and now I'm only about 5 episodes behind.

I don't usually write reviews. In fact this is my first! I thought in this case I should show my support for this fantastic podcast. It's brilliant! 5 star all the way!

The mix of fun, the hosts personalities and awesome retro knowledge keeps the shows interesting and fun.

Definitely the best podcast produced by two guys called Mike and one called Scott.
The show is almost phallic in having good length and width.
If you like made up words, then this is the show for you. If you like your technical enlightenment with a touch of redneck attitude, then Scott's your man!
...and there's an English guy ;-)

The hosts knowledge is impressive, with each having their own area of expertise. Best retro podcast for both UK and US.

Seriously, the amount of work that goes into this podcast is unreal. Someone should give these guys a TV show or something because judging by the quality of content and production, you'd think they did this for a living.

Neil James:
Given that the alternative is several hours of the inane ramblings of the insane, please can we have the malware back?

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