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Thread: RoundUp 173 - Let's Go, Random

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    Default RoundUp 173 - Let's Go, Random

    Hardware Flashback - (00:00)
    Dinosaur Pie - (36:51)
    Guinness Gaming Records - (2:41:42)
    Jet Set Willy (C64) - (2:43:03)
    Top Ten Games With Police - (2:46:38)
    Gaming Trivia - (4:01:39)
    Pac-Man: Birth Of An Icon Book Review - (4:02:06)
    Linus GH: Monty Always Keeps On Running - (4:14:45)
    Random Questions - (4:20:27)
    Live News And Listener Views - (4:21:27)
    URLs And EMails - (6:43:05)

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