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Thread: Red Bull Arcade at Life is Beautiful

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    Cool Red Bull Arcade at Life is Beautiful

    Hey gang! It has been a loooong time but I wanted to pop in and share something that I think will appeal to the RGR crew.

    Last weekend I went to the life is beautiful music fest in Vegas. Had a great time. Was not expecting to play any retro games while I was there but turned out that Red Bull has a retro arcade and were even having a contest giving out VIP wrist bands for pac man high scores. I didn’t win a wrist band but won several drink tickets for getting high scores on galaga and burger time.

    Since it is a music festival there are lots of ladies running around in bikinis and such and one was hanging out trying to win some drinks (think she actually did win for a high score on Mortal Kombat 2).

    Anyway snapped a pic and thought you would all appreciate it.


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    Hey man.

    Was this only for the weekend or is it a permanent installation?

    Nice pic.
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