I know some of you followed Video Masters TV for a long time (Thank you so much for that). We had wrapped up Season 11 last June, and I was excited to do a Season 12. I actually bought a Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, and several retro consoles to feature in the new season. At this time, I was using unemployment money, and living with my GF at the time, whose house was entering foreclosure. Therefore, any money I received would have been better used to save up for a new place. On top of that, any games or consoles I bought (on eBay), I never told her about, and kept them hidden. Not wise, I know.

Some people may think I didn't have my priorities right. From my point of view, VMTV has always been my "happy place". I don't have a traumatic childhood or anything like that, but I do struggle with depression, and having recently been diagnosed as being on the Autism Spectrum, some shit became tough to deal with, but VMTV was a good way to cope, and I always tried to make the show better. Somehow I thought having more consoles old and new would change that.

Could I have waited until having a steady income and a roof over our head? Yes. Did I? No. My GF Nicole always pointed out "You can't play these consoles on the street".

Eventually, our relationship hit some rocky points, and I was asked to move out. Mind you, I had EVERYTHING in her house. Not just electronics, but clothes, etc. I eventually got a job in security, and when she had me move out, I packed whatever clothes I could fit into a backpack, and I've been living in a motel for the last few months.

Currently, the only electronic item I have is a laptop that a VMTV fan donated to me 2 months after settling into a motel. He didn't want to see VMTV die, and I have tried to carry on the show in some form. It isn't the same.

I am trying new projects here and there. Maybe something will come of it. I'm always looking to do something creative.