Hey everyone,

It's been ages since I've been here, sorry guys. Rest assured, I'm always lurking in the shadows, and chuckle at any jabs directed at the Coleco Chameleon (a story for another time, tee hee).

Thought some of you may be interested to know I've done other projects, some that aren't related to Video Masters TV. I just wrapped up a Mini-Series/documentary type program called Video Masters: Flashback, and also did an animated pilot called "Gaming Under the Stairs".

The premise is basically "how well do you remember your first video game console?". In this crudely animated pilot, two young boys (Gibby and Sully) experience their first gaming console in the 1980's.

Initially, this series was going to be a review show (much like VMTV). I recently lost all my gaming consoles (long story) with the exception of a Nintendo 64 and PS3 which are here at my job, so I was going to emulate as many retro games as I could. Naturally, the problem with most emulation is accurate sounds, occasional screen tearing, etc (I'm a bit of a perfectionist, shoot me, haha).

That's when my cousin Jason (original co-host from my Video Masters days in 1995) jokingly chimes in and says "Why don't you animate the games instead?"

To which I responded "What am I, a professional?". Later on, I started to realize it might be a good idea. Thus, Jay and I share a co-creator credit for a series that pays homage to classic games.

It's only 5-6 minutes long. It took a lot of work, not only animating a video game from scratch in Photoshop and Adobe Premiere, but also animating and voicing the two main characters (albeit primitively- this is my first attempt at an animated series, and animating lips is a bitch and a half).

I'm unsure at this point if I'll continue making more episodes. At least I can look back and say I gave it a shot. Apparently, Shane (Monroe) saw the pilot too (as I posted it on his rather quiet forum), and gave it a little critique. He liked the "Hat tips" to classic games, but thought it was slow moving. I was actually rather proud of how the story/punchline was set up, but I'm no comedy writer, even Jason said my scripts could use some "punching up".

Hey, if y'all like it, great. Thanks for checking it out. If this is just a South Park wannabe show to you, I can take criticisms too.

All the best,