I recently picked up two of the Arcade1Up cabinets since they went on clearance at Wal-Mart (Street Fighter 2 and Pac-Man). I wasn't expecting much due to the lackluster reviews, but I was surprised that it was indeed a very playable experience. Not only that, but it also kinda opened my eyes to the fact that I am getting older, and some of the projects I have wanted to do have sat for years now. My Space Invaders cab is partially rebuilt but is really just a Pi running the game on a TV with buttons wired to the original controls. And the SCI I have I haven't found time to even swap the power supply to see if its the problem, and I have owned it for years. I've been weighing the difference between having the authentic thing versus just paying and getting something close, and honestly, something close is kinda doing the trick.

That being said, I sold my SCI and my Space Invaders. Pulled the Pi and sold the Space Invaders to someone doing an actual rebuild, and have a potential buyer for the SCI who will actually restore it and not have it sitting. I am keeping my Magic Sword, as I have put work into it. The original board for it I still have but has a corrupted ROM on it, and I can't bring myself to pay the 150 bucks for the board when I see it for sale, so instead I put in a Pandoras Box 5s in it (which has Magic Sword on it). I also added a 3 slot JAMMA switcher and also have a 19 in 1 board and a Wrestlefest board installed, and plan on keeping it as my one authentic cab.

The money I got from selling the other two is going to another Arcade1Up cab, this time the Final Fight/1944/Ghosts n Goblins/Strider cab, as its full of games I love, and I also plan on getting the Mortal Kombat cab when it releases. That will likely be it for me unless they release something else that features arcade titles I really love (perhaps a TMNT or DND one?)

Part of me is kinda gutted getting rid of most of my authentic cabs, but the other part loves just switching on and playing on something "close enough" to the real deal. Plus me and my friends have already gotten more enjoyment out of Street Fighter and Pac-Man than we have the SCI that I never got around to fixing, and honestly even more than the emulated Space Invaders, which we can still play on my X-Arcade that I added a Pi to. The wife is also thrilled because she thinks the Arcade1Up machines look better (have a cleaner look, plus a more uniform look along the wall) and the way she sees it would rather have working equipment in the game room than nonworking projects I never get to.

Another change I plan on making is adding a projector in the room. I have a large CRT I am keeping, but we think we are gonna add a projector to the ceiling with a pull down screen on the opposite wall and also use the game room for movie nights. This also gives me the excuse to take a Pi setup and add to the projector with bluetooth controllers for some big screen gaming. Finally, I am also selling the vending machines I have, as they added to the flavor of the room but really take up a ton of space that could be used for more games, and that flavor can be re-added just by having some signs or posters up on the wall (which I have started buying). Part of me is kinda bummed, but the other part is looking forward to a more streamlined game room.