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Thread: RoundUp 127 - Fiddling With Knobs

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    Default RoundUp 127 - Fiddling With Knobs

    Hardware Flashback - (00:00)
    Dinosaur Pie - (33:01)
    Guinness Gaming Records - (1:46:48)
    David Whittaker: Speedball - (1:49:17)
    Craig Turner Interview - (1:52:07)
    Top Ten Gun Peripherals - (2:40:49)
    Gaming Trivia - (3:41:24)
    Paul Godden: Milk Race - (3:41:52)
    Live News And Listener Views - (3:45:51)
    URLs And EMails - (5:40:45)

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    Goddammit, Scott--I just bought one of those stupid Pandora's box arcade controllers off of Ebay, and now I hear that you enjoyed playing Star Wars on a PS4. Now I'm looking up prices for that bundle. Wife's gonna kill me.

    You forgot to mention in your segment how you destroyed your copy of Tron for the PS3.

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    Scott's piece about being left behind by changing controls was a true eye-opener for me. It's explained my own evolving taste in games over the years as well as my long and abiding dislike of the NES.

    It was the hand switch that did me in. For years on the Intellivision, 2600, C64 and Amiga I had moved with the right hand and fired with the left. Then I acquired a NES in a trade and simply could not manage moving with the left hand and firing with the right. I thought my issue with it was the flood of scrolling platformers and non-Scottish football sport games boring me, but in truth there's more than that on it. I only enjoyed a very tiny number of games on the NES, on reflection all slowly paced games that didn't tax my backward hand control discomfort and awkwardness.

    I did get used to it in time. I found a 3DO used for an absurdly low price as it was dying as well as several games at fire sale prices. That motivated me enough to stck with the backwards control. But never as well as before. I recently tried revisiting some of my old C64 favourites with an emulator and gamepad and could not play with anything even remotely approaching the skill I had had with a joystick.

    So in my mind I'm mainly a computer games player with the odd forays into consoles and handhelds, but only for slow games and games that let me handicap myself with an infinite lives cheat.

    The bit also explained why I like the mouse and keyboard in first person on the PC but not third person. The handedness. In first person I'm doing most of my fine movement with the mouse and on the keyboard side it's mostly W and keys to bring up menus and the like. Third person movement is WASD all over the map to move with the mouse only controlling the camera. It still feels awful.


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