The Sysops of some of the remaining Apple II BBS's are announcing "The Great Apple II BBS Tour" contest where users will solve puzzles and find an Easter Egg on each BBS. It's kinda like a retro-version of Ready Player One! Once a user has discovered the Easter Egg from each BBS, they'll get to claim a prize.

The contest is set to start January 1st! Here are the participating BBS's:

A 80's Apple II BBS - telnet://
Captain's Quarters - telnet://
Dura-Europas - telnet://

How to sign on to a BBS: The easiest way is to use a terminal program like SyncTERM on your modern computer here:
Or get the WiModem for your old computer here:
Or use TCPser on a Raspberry Pi with a null modem cable as described here:

Official prizes:
Coupon for a free CFFA3000 (once available)
Apple II GS (computer only)
$75 discount code from ReactiveMicro
WiModem232 from
Wombat ADB-USB mouse/keyboard converter from
Boxed copy of Nox Archiast (when available)
Juiced GS Subscription
Opus II Software
Assembly Lines: The Complete Book by Roger Wagner
Boxed Print Shop

Happy hacking!