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    Default Power Geek Podcast

    Well, life got in the way for almost a year but I finally made a test episode and am working on the first full episode as I type this. I started my podcast and am posting on soundcloud right now. If you want head over and take a quick listen, the teaser is only 5 min long and is a baseline of where I want to start from. Scott and Mike keep up the great work fellas!

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    I'll check it out.
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    Mechakaioken Guest


    I appreciate it very much. I'm putting the finishing touches on episode 2 and it will be uploaded this week as well.

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    Mechakaioken Guest

    Default Soundcloud gave me some hiccups I didn't like so I switched over to YT for the time being but I finished my 2nd episode and I think it's considerably better than my first attempt. If anyone gets a free bit and checks it out let me know what you think.

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    Piff Merkin Guest


    You are from TN humm? I know a certain Merkin who also dwells there.

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    Mechakaioken Guest


    I am. Where does this certain Merkin dwell?

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    Mechakaioken Guest


    I was wondering if anyone had a chance to listen to my episodes and could provide any feedback? I believe any feedback is constructive feedback.

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    Piff Merkin Guest


    The Merkin is in Knoxville, TN. I have listened to your episodes.

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    Mechakaioken Guest


    Ahh, that's a little ways away from me.

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