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Thread: Neo-Geo MVS vs Neo-Geo X Gold --- Fight!

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    Default Neo-Geo MVS vs Neo-Geo X Gold --- Fight!

    For the past few months I've been toying with the idea of consolizing a MVS. I have very limited experience with electronic soldering etc but I am not incompetent. There appears to be a bit of work to consolize one. After listening to Scott's discussion about the Neo-Geo X Gold I'm rethinking my plans. Any comments or tips?



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    It depends a lot on what you want to spend. Right now the Neo Geo X runs around 250 USD. Some hunting can get you the original Neo Geo for around that price if you are patient. I've given up on finding a Neo Geo arcade machine for a cheap price in my area, and resorted to using MAME with a two player arcade stick instead.

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