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Thread: What was this game??? Unsolved mystery!

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    Question What was this game??? Unsolved mystery!

    Hello Everyone,

    I'm trying to figure out which game used to be in my house as a kid. My family got a couple games just given to us from a neighbor seemingly because their kids had all moved out or something of the sort. Anyways, one of the games was Starhawk, a vector game from 1979. It didn't get a ton of use in my house (though I do remember playing it) before breaking down and eventually this stayed in storage until my parents just decided to give it away or (gulp) junk it.

    We had another game very briefly that was sold (and hopefully cared for quite well) to some random person. I don't remember anything about the title but I am quite certain that it had to be made right around the time frame of Starhawk. I'm quite certain it was another space shooter type game (not star wars), 90% sure it was 1 player (or just one controller) with probably vector graphics. What stands out is that I can recall seeing a lot of yellow either on the flight yoke and/or control panel, and therefore likely the cabinet itself. I've done a bit of digging but haven't come up with anything. I'm sure this is a pretty obscure game but I was wondering if this rings a bell to anyone out there? It would be really cool to solve this mystery after all these years and hopefully play it in some form.
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