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    I had posted a while back about making a Podcast of my own. Well i did it! Its not exactly retro related but games have been discussed. I was looking for any editing tips anyone may want to give. Right now i just use audacity and we record in discord using obs. However we are about to switch to everyone recording themselves in audacity while in discord and sending me the files. I think the audio degradation will be less that way.

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    I switched to recording in Audition rather than Audacity as the two recordings we have lost were done in Audacity. Only 2 in 8 years but its annoying when it happens.

    I do the editing of each part in Audacity though, its just so easy.

    I would record on one system as Slype lag etc means they may go out of sync and you have to edit multiple tracks.
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    I wish we could do that. We are sadly far apart

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