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Thread: Help crowd fund a brand new Atari 2600 game 'Boss'

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    Default Help crowd fund a brand new Atari 2600 game 'Boss'

    Hi folks, i sent this story to live news but that's lost this episode, not to worry, here is the original advert for the brand new Atari 2600 game 'Boss' - in short the game is a Shmp in which you fight the big bosses.

    There was some speculation on another forum that this game is a re hash of a different game but from what i can tell they are the same game and this campaign is all above board and well worth your time and investment. They onlt need $500 which is a tiny amount compared to the millions other folks have been asking for in recent times.

    Grab yourself a new old game with box and cart and support your fellow devs.

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    Another Update - Our very own Septic LEmon made a video for the game after the game dev sent him a free ROM. Check it out on Septics website if you can, it's always nice to thorw him some traffic. Here is a link folks.

    I asked the game dev if he would consider printing names in the book of people who order the boxed copy and he said he would think about it. One of the things that encouraged me to buy the VIP package of the RGR Atari game was the signed poster and getting my name in the game instructions, so i thought it might be a nice touch for anyone second guessing.

    Check out the indiegogo page if you get a moment, it's $5 for a rom of the game and it honestly does look like Septic had fun playing it once he hit the bigger Boss monsters.

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