Attention Retro Gaming fans!

Boulder Dash(R) Vol. 1 for Intellivison was released in March of 2015, by First Star Software and Classic Game Publishers. Some people who have reviewed the game have claimed that they like it better than the original Atari 8-bit version! This game pushes the Intellivision to its limits and has to be seen to be believed! It also has some cool Easter Eggs, the biggest being 5 massive caves that are unique to the Intellivision! This release is for the venerable Intellivision. However, its quality is second to none! What do you get when you purchase a copy? A Mattel style 'gatefold box', 2 high quality Intellivison overlays. A full colour manual, and high tech circuit board that has flash ram on board for high score saving. Don't miss out on adding this rare gem to your classic game collection today. But hurry! Time is running out!!!

Classic Game Publishers' current agreement to co-publish Boulder Dash(R) Vol. 1 for Intellivision with First Star Software, Inc. ends August 15th, 2016.Boulder_Dash_Intellivision_Box_Front.jpgBoulder_Dash_Intellivision_Box_Back.jpg

Boulder Dash(R) Vol. 1 for Intellivision has received rave reviews from the press and players alike; and, as a limited edition, at $70. each is much rarer than many other Intellivision games such as 'Space Patrol' which can now only be purchased for $200 or more ... if you can find it!

If you haven't purchased a copy (or two) yet, don't miss out on a very high quality port of this million unit seller!

Sales will end on August 15th, 2016; so, get your serial-numbered copy(s) of this sure to be rare collectible today!

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