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Thread: Crash Bandocoot 1,2 and 3 remastered for PS4 in 2017!

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    Default Crash Bandocoot 1,2 and 3 remastered for PS4 in 2017!

    It's official folks! Sony are remastering (from the ground up) : Crash Bandicoot 1,2 and 3! : I hope im not the only person here that enjoyed Crash on the PS1! It's a brilliant series of games and will be pre-ordeering the games when they are up for sale. Crash is celebrating his 20th birthday soon and that means we can expect some interesting merch and this nice set of games!

    Did anyone here get the games for the PS1 when they were released? Anyone not played the games before?


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    I played the hell out of Crash Bandicoot 1, 2 and 3. Crash Team Racing is also under rated compared to Mario Kart but that's excellent as well.
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    Vipp, I really enjoyed the Crash games too (Crash got me to buy the PS1 instead of the N64). I played a lot of Crash and a lot of Spyro. I liked Crash 1-3 better than the Donkey Kong Country series. I always thought it was overlooked in gaming podcasts. Crash is usually only mentioned when talking about 90s mascots with attitudes, but the game play is really solid. The bandicoot with attitude is incidental. Alas, I don't have a PS4.

    UK, Crash Team Racing was fun, but having revisited it, I am not sure it has aged well (but some may say the same about Mario Kart 64). There was also a Crash Bash party game, but it had less variety than the Mario Party games.
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    I haven't played the Crash Racing game, I will pop it on my psp and give it a try! I managed to get my hand on a 5 pirate copy of the game for the ps1 years ago before buying them all on original PS1 format. I've always loved the Crash games, you're right they are solid and well worth re visiting even now!

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