My wife recently got me something rather unique, figured I would share here.

As most people know, I am a bit of a musician, and my favorite band is Iron Maiden. I'm also a big retro fan, not just in games but in musical tastes as well. This years Record Store Day landed on my birthday, April 16th. There was a release from my favorite band I had no clue even existed but somehow she found out about. Iron Maidens newest album, Book of Souls, did not have any singles (which was unusual, they usually have a couple singles per album), but for this years Record Store Day, they released a very limited run of the song Empire of the Clouds on a 12 inch picture disc LP. She went out and picked me up not just a copy, but a fairly early run, number 1680. Thought it was cool of her to do this, and even more of a surprise because so I had no clue this was coming out, I didn't even see it mentioned on their web site. I have no idea how she found out about this, as she is more of a country fan while I am a hard rock and heavy metal fan.

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