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Thread: Anki Drive - Has anyone played this yet? (Modern Scalextric)

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    Default Anki Drive - Has anyone played this yet? (Modern Scalextric)

    Has anyone played this yet? I feel like it would be a the perfect gift for Scott, these robot experts made a modern scalextric and you can even use weapons in the game, all controlled by your tablet or smart phone... I haven't heard much said about it since it's release so im wondering if you guys have seen/played it?

    Here is an original video that explains what PhD the guys have and how they came up with the tech and how to use it. I'd love this game! Just imagine if Nintendo bought the rights or sold a licence so we could have a bright real world super Mario kart! ! !

    Here is a second video of some guys playing with a large track that even has jumps in it! (you may want to mute the guys after a few seconds)
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    Piff Merkin Guest


    Scalextric? Wouldn't that be more of a UK Mike interest? Hey this video is from 2013 you should check out the new tracks! Oh if only you didn't need Apple devices. -not because apple is bad but because of software, they are noncompatable within in approximately 3 years-

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    I think UK Mike would love thismate, Scott is a robotics man so i bet he would appriciate the tech going into the cars and how well they seem to be able to navigate a 'live' track and respond to the other cars. It's all very nice looking! Some of the tracks have jumps built in! I want it!

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    Piff Merkin Guest


    This is awesome!! Man we should have something like this set up at the next CGE!

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    It is pretty cool, my local Toys R Us had one set up for Christmas last year, quite a bit of fun

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    This does look cool.

    Is it coming to Android as well? Is it still being made?
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