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Thread: RoundUp 100 - The Elder Statesman

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    Quote Originally Posted by miner2049er View Post
    Do yourself a favour and relisten to the special episode Sansabelt Rants
    Sansabelt Rants is my all time favorite episode and it has become a Christmas tradition at my house!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burgertime View Post
    For some reason, for the longest time, I kept mistaking the "I change the world" speech for SoCal.
    Well, for what its worth, he tried to change the world. It just didn't work out well.

    Do you know who is changing the world right now? Generous RGR listeners who follow Shane, that's who!

    (Really, this never gets old. At least for me.)

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    Best Simon Butler quote - "Get home and develop a game you toss pot" HAHA!

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    That is awesome! I think the first time I met Steve Woita at an expo he told me about him and his wife listening to a show of ours and I can't recall which one it was, but he just about quoted the whole thing to us in the elevator at the Plaza!
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