The subscription model has finally launched in the UK (admittedly about 7 weeks ago and I've only just noticed).

Has this piqued anybody's interest? £12.99 of your hard earned cash each month for access to a library of PS3 games which can be streamed via the interwebz to your PS4, PS3 or certain Sony TVs and Blu-Ray players, with the plan being to expand this to other Internet connected devices in future. Video streamed down to you is at 720p, so a slight drop in some games, but not all PS3 games were in 1080 anyway. Apparently the subscription covers 100 of the 150+ games available, not sure which ones aren't included, but probably a safe bet to say they're A-listers. First 30 days come free of charge because the generosity of the head honchos at Sony knows no bounds.

I'm tempted, but I think I'd need to have a good read of the game listings before I go for it.

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