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    Just a quick question. I have had a copy of cge adventures for ages. And yes I have not got around to playing it.

    I'm trying to change that tonight and I got my 7800 and tryed to load it up. How ever i ether got a distorted image or more of time nothing.

    Does it work on the 7800? Would be odd all my other games seam to work fine.

    Any help would be great😊


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    It doesn't work on my PAL 7800 because of the built in game Asteroids, I'm not sure about other region 7800s.

    It works on all 2600s that I've tried.

    The ROM is also freely available and works in Stella.
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    Got it to work.
    After powering on and off 30 times. But it was in black and white and when I reset went straight to asteroids again. And took 30 power on and offs to get it back to work again. But then only in black and white.

    So i guess I have two choices. Buy a 2600 or buy a harmony cart and load up the Rom and play it on the 7800.

    Has any one tryed running it on a 7800 on a harmony cart?

    Thanks very much for your help so far btw.


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