Not an Expo per se, more a place well worth a visit for the UK based folks...

Europe's largest collection of freeplay arcade and pinballs. I've visited the place three times in the past three weeks and it's always been good fun, not so busy you're always queuing for a good machine, but busy enough to create a "buzz".

Several notable pins there that are good fun, including Revenge From Mars 3D, Metallica, White Water, and a lot of the usual suspects of cabs, Point Blank, linked Rave Racer, Indy 500 and Sega Rally, Outrun with working tilt, Tapper, Sega HotRod... Just over 200 machines there in total.

Arcade Club have supplied Play Expo with some of their machines in the past before opening their collection to the public, Play Blackpool a year or two ago is where their debut was if I remember correctly.

If anyone finds themselves in the North West, it's well worth visiting for a few hours.

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