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Thread: Pokemon Picross

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    Quote Originally Posted by random_dave View Post
    I figured out the intention behind the blue force and it has become my friend at some of the larger puzzles

    It informed me today that I needed to mega evolve a pokemon to unlock access to a stage, and I could do this by buying an item that was 500 picrites.
    It's been taking a week of daily training to earn enough to unlock the next set of stages, so I can't see that happening anytime soon, so now I'm in a quandary of understanding that they don't want to just give the whole game away for free too easily, but I don't like being given the hard sell
    Yeah it does help you to think about what you should be looking for, and that in turn seems to have improved my technique a bit as well, I'm solving puzzles a lot faster than I used to with less guesswork.

    Yep the mega evolution is almost definitely behind a big ol' paywall. I deleted my save data and started again, didn't extend the energy bar and didn't buy any extra pokemon slots (other than the mandatory) and I've progressed much further than I had before. Someone here did the maths, you're looking at about a year of nailing all the daily challenges in the time to unlock everything without coughing up.

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    Yeah, I totally boned myself by opening up some extra slots and extending my energy early on, oh well

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