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    bowdon rambler Guest

    Default Best Picture N64

    What will give me best N64 picture quality on a 120" HD projector? It has all inputs other than SVideo. I am considering getting an upscaler. Is it worth it? Opinions ?

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    random_dave Guest


    AFAIK, only the motherboards that allow an rgb mod have any chance of a good picture, but after that you'd need to get rgb to the projector which may
    Work with a cga > component/hdmi board. A framemeister would look the best, but at $300 for that you may be better waiting for
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    bowdon rambler Guest


    So you don't like the upscalers?

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    random_dave Guest


    The problem is not so much upscalers, it's that the n64 uses inherently flawed video circuits (imo) and you can't polish a turd...

    I personally couldn't justify spending vast amounts of money to upscale a stock n64, I'd want to improve the source first, or, just live with running it into my dvd recorder via svideo and letting that scan convert to 480p over component and not get the greatest of results, especially projected

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    spinal Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by random_dave View Post
    and you can't polish a turd...
    Yes you can...

    As for the N64, not only is the video output fairly poor to start with, most modern TV upscale really badly, as do cheaper converters. Some TVs do an OK job, I have a philips 42" plasma that displays my N64 screen quite clearly, yet my newer Samsung TV blurs the hell out of it.
    I would think though that there is such a thing as an s-video to vga/hdmi converter, might be worth looking into.

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    Also remember that many games used anti aliasing to soften the edges, making the game look blurry. If you use an n64 everdrive there is a mod to remove the anti aliasing, making some games look significantly better.

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