"The Last One. The end of Stalking The Retro has arrived. We have had a lot of fun over the past four years and 74 episodes talking about retro gaming. Thanks to all of our listeners and contributors over the years for all of your support."

It looks like the guys have decided to take the M.U.L.E out back and go all 'Ol Yeller' on it. As always this episode had me laughing from the start to the end and it will be a sad day to see it gone. Any chance we can look forward to any seasonal STR episodes?

They also mention that it's not truly the end as Indie and Willie will being working on a new podcast based on the Vectrex. My only concern is that it may be possible that the Vectrex pod might not have room for classic Indie gags that make us laugh like Amiibo BJ Jokes and winding up our mate Septic Lemon.

I listened the the whole epside whilst playing my 3DS Mario 3 game so it was sad to hear the news about Nintendo dropping Virtual Console games. It was another great episode guys and i hope you won;t leave it there.