So i was a little more than annoyed when i found out the Humble Bundle had released a Nintendo 3DS/WiiU bundle and then had a big message over the pictures of pretty games saying 'Your in the UK dude, Nintendo hates you, this is for your American buddies only'

So as i pester my good friend Septic Lemon (whom i elected to be the source of knowledge for everything Nintendo) for answers about why the Brits and the rest of Europe get Nintendo's un-lubed middle finger every time a deal is pushed out to the world, you can feast your eyes on this incredible bundle!

If you live in America i can't see how this won't make your wallet froth at the mouth. AND you have more games to come! at a minimum of ten bucks i think this might be the best humble bundle to date! yep, even better than the Sega one they did.

Here is a link if you canni be arsed to type.

Let's get this forum warmed up, let us all know what games you like in the bundle and if you are going to buy it... If you are like me and Septic Lemon and are locked out of the bundle, let us all know how crap you think Nintendo are! (until they release a worldwide bundle, then we can all love them again, silly mushroom addicted, plumber flogging buggers)

nintendo bundle.jpg