We're very pleased to say that Video Game Carnival has a new venue in Aldershot - The West End Centre. We'll be taking over the bar area of the popular arts centre in Aldershot.

We'll be bringing you our selection of weird and wonderful hand-built video gaming attractions alongside a selection of retro consoles and computers all set up for your gaming pleasure. Here's what we have in store:

Two Giant Gameboys - They’re custom built Gameboys, they’re rather large (about 600% larger than the original), there are two of them and they’re linked together for head to head action. Tetris anyone?

The Fruitcade - Play your favourite arcade classics on this specially built table top arcade machine. But instead of buttons and a joystick, you use real fruit to control the games!

Laser Gaming - Video games played using our custom controllers and projected using a frickin’ laser.

The LED Arcade - LED and VFD Tabletop games, including Frogger, Scramble, Astro Wars, Amidar and many more.

8 Player Micro Machines - Play Micro Machines on the Sega Mega Drive, but with 8 separate controllers made out of toy cars.

Giant Atari Joystick - Yes another giant thing. 1000% bigger than an original joystick. Fully functional and ready to play all the Atari 2600 classics.

8 Bit Blocks - Let your creative side run free, so long as your creative side involves pixel art.

Picture Postcard - The classic photo opp, think Brighton Pier.

Rootin' Tootin' Shootin' Gallery - A selection of light gun games, cos hey, who doesn't like shootin' stuff.

Arcade - We'll have two or three arcade machines with all the classics on. Free to play.

Video Games - There will be a selection of retro consoles and computers to enjoy, with an emphasis on multi player.

Think Heavy - Indie developers, Think Heavy will be coming along to demo there new VR game for Oculus Rift called FIRMA. http://firmagame.com

Team Giraffe - Indie developers, Team Giraffe will running a competition on their new game Oh Chute! Available now from: https://marketplace.firefox.com/app/oh-chute/ or https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...iraffe.ohchute So you can get some practice in.

There will also be series of competitions throughout the day to pit your gaming prowess against your fellow gamers to find out who's top dog. More info on these to follow.

The whole event is free but with a suggested donation of £3 (to help cover costs) If you do donate £3 you will receive an exclusive pin badge (only 100 will ever be printed) that's only available at this event. The badge is being designed by Laura Nailer of Team Giraffe. Laura is an illustrator by day and works on the popular Simon's Cat animations, she also did the original design for our Picture Postcard.

Event Details:
Venue - West End Centre
Address - Queens Road, Aldershot, GU11 3JD
Date - 28th March 2015
Time - 4pm to 11pm
Cost - Free (but with a suggested £3 donation which gets you an exclusive pin badge)
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/events/1393531654283467/