I gotta say I really liked simon's Dinasaur Pie segment in this one. This is a feeling that I have had myself. One thing I find in the retro community is that there does seem to be a bit of blinders for things outside of whatever you consider to be retro, or your personal interests. I mean I'm guilty of this myself. One thing I find about gen-x retro game fans in the US is that they all seem to be Nintendo obsessed. I mean I get it, those are great games and systems, but there is more to life than mario brothers. For me retro gaming is sort of a holistic interest. l like the hardware almost as much as the games. I like the ephemera and merchandise and listening to the stories of the developers. The only critique i have of modern "retro-influenced" games is that there are just too many puzzle platformers. I love 8 and 16 bit art styles, but I'm just kind of tired of the platformer genre. Still this was a thought provoking listen on my way into the office.