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Thread: Micro arcade Kickstarter

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    Default Micro arcade Kickstarter

    Anyone else jump in on this? I thought it looked neat enough for the price, and it may turn out to be hackable.

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    I watched the video and skimmed through the text. Neat? Sure. People were playing it holding it in there hands and I don't like the idea of using my thumb to control an actual joystick. Just seems awkward. I guess you can always set it down on a surface to play it...and then it moves as your trying to use the controls.
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    I like the look of it but i feel having fun with video games can be somewhat limited when they 'nano' the size of the screen and/or control system. a long time ago Focus was talking about his PS1 with built in TV screen for wh nhe travels with work, i understand that kind of limted use 'nano approach' to gaming, that's conveneant and a luxury. This sort of device just doesn't do it for me. Will you be getting this Scott?

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    While I was very close to committing.
    I did not screen size these days is key and this did not fit my needs,
    Though I did like what I saw.


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