Is it just me, or does it feel like the Vita, and PS Vita TV for that matter, have been abandonned?

My local Wal*Mart no longer stocks anything Vita. GameStop hides Vita games and accessories in the most obscure locations they have in every store. Target regularly has the Vita system in stock, but no games. Best Buy consistantly has games in stock, but no systems. Toys"R"Us dumped Vita back in the summer and no longer inventories any Vita products.

This is actually worse than Sony's support of the PSP. My local Target, K-Mart, and Toys"R"Us all actually have the PSP model 3000 in-stock, but no games or accessories.

And GameStop is the only retailer in my area with the Vita TV, and clearly they have no grasp on how to market it to anyone. As seems typical, NISA, Aksys, and XSeed are the only publishers making any effort to publish games for the system. Even this has me worried as one of NISA's two upcoming games will have a limited production run of physical copies, and those are nearly sold out just from pre-orders through their website alone.

If things keep on like this, there may come a day when we can only buy physical release Vita games by pre-ordering limited production runs direct from the publishers or by importing games from Asia and Europe.