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Thread: From Bedrooms to Billions finally released

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    Default From Bedrooms to Billions finally released

    For those who missed it, or just let kickstarter updates go to the spam folder, From Bedrooms To Billions was just released inits full glory.

    We've been waiting for this for years, and finally the documentary chronicling over 30 years of the rise, glory, and decline of the British Games industry.

    I am not affiliated with this product in any manner, but since this is the beginning of the month, I made a post insead of waiting weeks for the RGR live news.

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    I watched it last night, and might be in it. Oddly enough behind Jeff Minter.

    Oh. It's very good.

    The film I mean.
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    So looking forward to see it, but it seems to be some problem with my user at their site, so I will have to wait until it get sorted out.

    Please do not post any spoilers here, I've heard it is a little bit M. Night Shyamalan inspired with a big twist at the ending...

    edit: they fixed it within a day, so I now have the movie. Sadly I have been busy on another project so I haven't been able to see it yet.
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    I was lucky enough to go to the premiere after doing a lot of the game capture footage for the film. An excellent collection of UK alumni at the event and I was honoured to have Kevin Toms come up and introduce himself. For those of you outside of the UK, he wrote Football Manager (No, not that one) which was the first game I ever played. He was famous for having his bearded head on the front of every game he wrote.

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    I have heard a lot about this on various forums and podcasts so I am very tempted....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jammajup View Post
    I have heard a lot about this on various forums and podcasts so I am very tempted....
    If you post on here, it will be right up your street. 2 and a half hours of the complete story of UK game developers with a fascinating insight into how the industry start and how it changed once the money men got involved and squashed creativity for sequels of games that were guaranteed to make money as opposed to taking a risk on a new idea.

    Being involved in a small part and knowing what Ant asked me for, I know how much he and Nic have put into making this. Even with the 5 hours inc. special features, there is a massive amount on the cutting room floor which I think he might try and do something with. It isn't a sparkly TV style, gloss over the details style documentary. It is real nuts and bolts story which suit any RGR listener - especially UK based retro fans.

    It would be nice for them if it ended up as a multi part TV documentary but it might be a bit too niche for that - this was the reason they had to make it themselves as TV companies kept turning them down. Although there have been many fine documentaries over the years, most gloss over the computer market so it is nice to see the Sinclair and Commodore machines get such good coverage.

    For my part, it was great to be involved - mainly as it started when I was laid up for 6 weeks after a foot op. Playing a variety of games on various systems including such delights as the NASCOM and the Acorn Electron was an enjoyable experience and kept me sane. I also got to play an unreleased PC game which was the last project that Graftgold worked on. And being in the front credits is nice too!

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    Wonderful Film. Watched it at the weekend. It was exactly what I hoped it would be. Loved the archive footage especially. I bought the Special Edition and I'm watching the extras this week. Anyone know when the DVDs will arrive to backers?

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