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    Default Electronic toys

    My wife has bought a lot of electronic toys to our son, mostly of the type that plays a random melody when a button is pushed.
    Now I have some questions:

    How do you think they choose which songs to include?

    Why are British childrens songs so gory? Three blind mice could just as well been written by Takashi Miike
    (I have no problem with this, just curious)

    Why in the world do almost all of them include Colonel Bogey march? I feel I should wait at least a couple of years until I teach my now almost two year old the lyrics to that one.

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    My friends daughter had a crab with numbers on it, and when you pressed them and extremely overenthusiastic man would shout the number.

    We used to get very drunk and then hammer on them in time to music "s-s-se-se-s-s-s-SEVEN!"
    Hours of entertainment

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    For some toys it's based on what the toy is. Have a farm based toy? Put farm songs in it. The rest I swear they just pull a song out of a hat.
    Song and nursery rhymes have all been questionable to me, but back then we never really thought twice about it. Jack and Jill and his brain concussion.

    There was an awesome toy in stores a few years ago that was a caterpillar. Each leg had a letter on it, and pressing down on one would result in either saying the letter, or how you pronounce it, depending on which option you chose on a switch. Saying how it's pronounced didn't allow you to hit the F followed by the K. They were smarter than that, and had it programmed to giggle and say "that tickles" before the K sound.
    The way around this? Switch between phonetics and letters. Hitting the F in phonetics, switching to letters and then hitting Q resulted in "Faa Q".

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    I've just remembered back to working in Toys 'r' us and being in charge of the pre-school toys aisle, I used to love going into the warehouse and running down the shelves punching all the boxes as it would set off at least one of the musical toys inside (often more than one) and then leaving out the doors at the bottom whilst a cacophony of 100's of low samplerate songs chirped out for the next 5 minutes to annoy anyone else who had to go in there

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    Someone should really consider making Andrew Dice Clay electronic toys. It would be awesome to have a toy that played his rendition of Hickory Dickory Dock.

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