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Thread: What (videogaming related) can I do in Vegas

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    Default What (videogaming related) can I do in Vegas

    Me and my wife and two of our friends are heading to Vegas in August. I had hoped the trip would line up with CGE, but that is in September this year, so I am going to miss it. I believe it was Scott who told me on the RGR Facebook page that part of the Pinball Museum will already be at a hotel or somesuch by the time I am there. What else is there to do, videogame/pinball wise in Vegas.

    Some perspective:
    I live in the Canadian province of Newfoundland, population 500,000. I have to take a plane or ferry to get to anywhere else in North America, so I don't often get very far. We have a handful of used game stores here, with largely predictable, common games. We have, I believe, one arcade in the entire province. Thus, pretty much any good used game store, any place to play pinball, anything at all in Vegas is likely going to seem much more cool to me than it does to most of you.

    We won't have a rental car for much of the trip, and the days we do we are going on tourist type things. So, anything on or near the strip (we're just off it whatever that means), or easily reachable by bus or taxi would be great. My friends will be able to get to anywhere there, because they visit every year, (one of them has made a living as an online poker player in the past, and basically considers Vegas his mecca), so they have a good handle on the place, even if I don't. Also, they have a timeshare thing, so I'm only spending $30 a night to help them cover accomodations, so money won't be tight.

    So there you go. Plan me a trip.

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    The Excalibur has an arcade called the fun dungeon and is located right on the strip. Also check out Insert Coins on Freemont Street. It's a nice barcade with quite a few arcade cabs and console games. I've heard of a gaming shop right near the Pinball Hall of Fame, but I'm unsure of the name. I'm sure somebody here knows of it though.

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    I found this while looking for places near the strip.

    A friend of mine was in Vegas a few months ago, and he checked out the arcade in Circus Circus (which is across the street from the Riviera, where the con is going to be). A pretty good arcade.

    If you're able to make it up to Freemont St for Insert Coins, and also have an interest in classic toys, there's a place called the Toy Shack. Sometimes gaming and toys can go hand in hand. At least the do for me.

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    Hit up all the local stores, Vegas has quite a few good independent gaming stores; WiiPlay Games, Game Repair, Gamer's Paradise, GameWorld, and Anime Revolution to name some. The big stuff such as Pinball Hall of Fame of course, Insert Coins, etc.
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    I will be living at the bar under the counter

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    Last year I sent one hour looking for a place called GameWorks on the strip. Turned out it was already closed for some time...

    I went to the Fun Dungeon and it had one pinball machine (indiana jones) and several redemption and arcade games.

    If you are into Pinball, go to the pinball hall of fame. I had a great time over there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Burgertime View Post
    I found this while looking for places near the strip.
    Thanks for this link. I found this line funny:
    6.Monte Carlo with less than 100 video games and redemption skill games but it is near the Street of Dreams shopping area so mom and dad can have something to keep them busy while the kids get their high paced gaming fix.
    I don't know what Mom will be doing, but this Dad will be gettting his gaming fix thank you very much.

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    Thanks for all the suggestions guys. Looks like I'll have a ton to do. Let other people waste their money on dumb slot machines. I'll be tossing my money into video devices that never pay out!
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