Just got back from holiday in Dorset, England and found a couple of RGR favourites that I hadn't seen before. First up was the Star Wars Pinball 2000 in an arcade in Weymouth. With a heavy heart, I put my pound coin in but by fears were confirmed - the projector wasn't working so I had no idea what was happening and gave up. What a waste of a rareish pin.

Then, in the arcade of the holiday park we were staying at, I found a 3 screen sit down Ferrari F355 cab. Actually not too bad considering it was in an arcade that didn't really care for their machines. Bit of burn in on the side monitors and the flappy paddle gear changer was very loose but it actually played OK. Only 50p a go as well.

Finally, Bournemouth Pier. First up was one of my favourite arcade games - Airline Pilots - the 3 screen flight sim. ll was going well until I got to the landing stage and found that the flap switch didn't work so I kept getting penalised time and couldn't complete the game. Finally found the new Wizard of Oz pinball. Again, was excited to play a game I hadn't seen before but as with the Pinball 2000 machine, disappointment awaited as the lights at the bottom of the table didn't work.

Just shows what a sad state of affairs exists where the few arcades left that have decent machines don't bother looking after them.