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Thread: Retro Obscura Podcast

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    I have the DS version of Giana Sisters, and the Genesis Collection that's on the PS3/360 includes Golden Axe Warrior.

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    Diagamblic Guest


    I'd love to try it!
    Golden Axe Warrior is a great little game from what I've played.

    New episode: Episode 19: These ARE the Platformers you are Looking For!

    I tried my best to defend Spelunker as a decent game on this episode. Tune in to find out if I succeeded..

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    Diagamblic Guest


    Hey guys, two more episodes I've neglected to post!

    Retro Obscura 20:"He's Got a Gun!"
    In this special 20th episode we coundown our top 20 favorite Obscure games from the previous episodes.

    Retro Obscura 21:
    In Episode 21 we talk all about Roguelikes.

    Have you ever played Dragon Crystal on the Sega Master System?

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    Diagamblic Guest


    Really excited that we got to team up with the Intellivisionaries for our Intellivision episode (24). I'm also posting our Face/Off episode (23) so check them out!

    Retro Obscura 23: Sweet has never played Super Metroid

    Episode 24: Men Without Shirts starring The Intellivisionaries

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    Vipp Guest


    Man this means i was too late to get you a George recording done. I will listen to this later today and feel sad that i couldn't infect it with my poor british George recording.

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    s1500 Guest


    Retro Obscura is like Dateline NBC on my iPod playlists. With 2 3 hr episodes a week, it's on all the time. : )

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    focusrs Guest


    if you add up all the episodes released in a month i do believe they have done a rather large cast if it was a monthly release. i have been enjoying them with all my traveling to the west coast these past few weeks . Wish i had more time to devote to my cast

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    Vipp Guest


    This episode was great, Dub had been deducted 5 kangaroo hops for disliking the awesome Crash Test Dummies but over all this episode was great.

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    Diagamblic Guest


    Thanks guys! Feedback is always appreciated. What we're trying to do now is streamline the show a bit, trimming off a few games here and there and cut a segment to allow for more banter between the hosts. It worked out great for our last major episode!

    Our latest episode was a total wildcard. No theme to this one!
    Dub: Jade Cocoon (psx)
    Lil ninja Bros (NES)
    Chuck Rock II: Son of Chuck

    Sweet’s Picks:
    Yo Bro (PC engine)
    Battle City (NES)
    Mr. Do! (Snes)

    Aaron’s Picks:
    Moon Dust (C64)
    Space Dungeon (Atari 5200)
    Apidya (Amiga)

    Episode 25: Umm....Space Storks?

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