One of the guys at work has just brought in a big radio shack TRS80 with the built in monitor and a small TRS80 that connects to a TV and tape recorder. It certainly brightened up my working day anyway!

Does anybody have an MP3s of a TRS80 game that we can try and load up ? I can't find any on the web so far.

There are some issues with the display of the small one on the TV. But it is supposed to work OK. The big one does not seem to boot or do anything when switched on.

At the moment, once the guys here having finished playing with the TRS80's they are destined for the dump. Which breaks my heart. I don't have any space left in the garage for them sadly.

So if anybody in the UK wants to pay postage, or collect from Winchester/Oxford. You can probably have these lovely computers from the 70's for free (unless the owner changes his mind!). Let me know if you are interested in re-homing either of these. Visually they are in lovely condition.